International Business Correspondence

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International business correspondence is not simply writing or information exchange. It is something that you want others to know about you – to know about your business and the way you deal with business transactions. It is by the way you create your letter that your reader can identify whether you are friendly, rude, or you just simply want to do business. Your letter shows your attitude. This is one reason why it is important to consider your way of writing, write professionally and with courtesy. Success of business transactions is not only dependent on your ability to talk and communicate verbally, but also the way you communicate in letters. How important is learning the proper way of writing business letters? This book will help you to improve your written communication by guiding you through the steps and guidelines of making an effective letter. Aside from that, you will learn to see that planning is important. Gathering information and doing some research will help you. As you go through answer complaints, it will save you to make adjustments, it is important and friendly to reply to inquiries, it is good to be precise in your quotations, it is proper to acknowledge placed orders or acknowledge payment, it is worth to check all outgoing orders for shipment and delivery, it is important to have an insurance policy, it is tedious to deal internationally without bank transactions, and it is by connection that you can increase your sales. You need to connect to your customers and readers in order to build a good working relationship. If you are able to establish a good relationship, they will value you as their business partners. Skills in creating business letters are important for the success of your business. Business letter writing skills will also boost your confidence as a businessman and will help boosting your business as well.
This book aims to help students to develop their skills and confidence in writing international busi-ness letters. It can also serve as a reference for students at college and university levels.


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Title: International Business Correspondence