Social impact of media discourse in the age of iDeology. A perspective from the global periphery

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In the age of iDeology – in which individual access and participation to technology is about to replace the rich texture of religion, culture, tradition and political convictions – the social impact of media discourse only magnifies. This volume is an attempt to explore the influence of ever-available communication content on the minds and behavior of a population that has made the permanent and often obsessive use of communication technology a defining element of social orientation. Unlike the many accounts that focus on the remarkably redefined patterns in the context of Western society – ranging from twittering Presidents to the emerging populist movements all over Europe – this volume portrays the situation from the frequently neglected perspective of the global periphery. As opposed to simply transfer and measure perspectives taken from a Western point of view, the clear intention of this volume is to provide ample space for the sincere and explorative consideration of local characteristics and settings of the different social, cultural and political contexts and therefore contribute to providing the ground for future research.


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Dr. Martin Abdel Matin Gansinger (born 1979 in Austria) studied Communication Science and Political Science at the University of Vienna. He conducted long-term field studies on extemporaneous communication and traditional culture in Ghana, Morocco and Cyprus and regularly publishes work on contemporary aspects of philosophy, ethics and religion in the context of media and popular culture. Next to his professional experience as a journalist and PR coordinator and affiliations with universities in Germany and Cyprus he is currently based in France and works as an author and editor for various international publishing houses.

Title: Social impact of media discourse in the age of iDeology. A perspective from the global periphery