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Robin Schlesinger

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Robin Schlesinger, born 1977, studied law in Göttingen and Vienna from 1998 to 24, working in sales in different industries alongside his studies. He entered the fashion and lifestyle industry in 26, taking on fashion sales assignments from companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Marithé & François Girbaud and Guess, and holding various leadership positions. In 212 and 213, Robin Schlesinger completed a Part-Time MBA and a Top-Up MSc in General and International Management at the University of Wales and ipe Management School Paris. As Dior International Distribution Manager for Central and Northern Europe in the Italian Sàfilo Group, Robin Schlesinger is currently responsible for the selective distribution of the Dior brand.<br>When searching for specialists suitable for leadership positions in the fashion business, the author made the experience that initial searches via traditional channels, such as print media, were unsuccessful, while the subsequent use of social media, sometimes including the employment of headhunters, led to the desired results. This and his wealth of experience in using social media motivated Robin Schlesinger to explore the topic in more detail.